Gone Fireflies Update: Version 1.3.0

Hello everyone,

Here we are again with another small update for Gone Fireflies. This time, I primarily focused on the pacing of the game after getting some valuable feedback from the players.

The issues with it since launch were how I implemented the dialogues, the transitions between scenes and some unnecessary characters movements and pauses during cut-scenes which made the game slow and hard to enjoy at time for some players. I spent the last 3 weeks fixing the whole game scene by scene, reviewing every dialogues, transitions and characters movements so now, hopefully, the game has a faster pace and less waiting between the playing parts.

Now, Gone Fireflies is and always will be a slow paced, narrative focused game so while my goal with this update was to make it less frustrating for the players, I also tried to keep the mood and the spirit of what this game is about.

The game has also a brand new font and tons of little fixes here and there

Patch note:

  • Fixed and reduced the time of scenes transitions
  • Fixed and reduced the time between dialogues in many places
  • Removed Unnecessary Characters Movements and Pauses
  • Increased Indoor Walking Speed
  • Brand New Font
  • Re-worked the End Credits
  • Several minor bugs fixes.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or issues with the game.

Best regards,



Gone_Fireflies_1_3_0_Win_Eng.zip 215 MB
Apr 12, 2018

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